How long do you have to wait to get your films?

Couples can expect trailer films to arrive online 3-4 weeks after the wedding.  Feature films generally arrive online 16-20 weeks after the wedding.  We do post films online first before delivering a final physical product (flash/thumb drives) so that people can make changes.  All online films are initially private and password protected until a couple approves the edits and wants to open it to the public to share with friends and family.  We desire to respect people’s privacy.

How do we choose music?

We always love suggestions and try to get a feel for people’s taste in music or a style that they have in mind for their film, although, most people ultimately leave this up to us.  After we provide an edited version of a film, couples can say yes or no to any music included and we can always make changes.  Regarding legal issues, it is illegal to use music in a film without licensing the music first.  We would love to include popular music in our films, but it can be a very difficult process, not to mention expensive, taking months sometimes.  Generally, we stick to music licensing websites that exist specifically to make it easier for filmmakers to license songs, which is where most of the music in our films comes from.  Sometimes we even send links to these websites and couples will build a profile and username to go through the catalogues and build wish lists for themselves.  They can share these wish lists with us when the time comes to put the edits together.

How do we get the professional audio during the wedding day?

We use professional wireless, lavalier microphones on the groom and sometimes the officiant during the ceremony.  The mic transmitter is the size of a deck of cards and sits in an inside jacket pocket. This microphone picks up the bride as well because of the proximity to the groom during the ceremony.  The microphone goes on the groom just before the ceremony begins and is taken off at a point directly after the ceremony concludes.  It is closed circuit and the signal is only going into our portable recording device so it’s never being broadcast to your guests.  We also never include anything in the film that a groom says while wearing the microphone that is not relevant or wouldn’t help support a narrative to your film.  

Sometimes, if there is a sound system set up for the ceremony we will plug into that as well.

During the reception, to capture toasts, we get a line out signal from the band or dj’s sound mixer.  This makes it very easy to record the speeches and doesn’t require any additional equipment or microphone clutter from our end.

Do we use lights?

We may use a small light on a stand during receptions if the conditions are too dark to shoot in.  We would use a light namely during the moments of importance, i.e. first dance, speeches, etc.  The light is turned off afterwards and we are always respectful if we notice that it is bothering anyone.  We do understand couples are trying to create ambiance and feel with lighting during their reception.

A few more notable items:

We work with all couples no matter race, religion, or orientation.

We are insured.

We do have backup equipment.

We do ask to be fed during dinner time.

We look good at your wedding.

Some people want to know where we've worked:

Chicago History Museum               Adler Planetarium            Chicago Cultural Center          Millenium Park           Shedd Aquarium

Chicago Botanic Gardens          South Shore Cultural Center          Cafe Brauer           Chicago Illuminating Company           Notre Dame

Navy Pier/Crystal Gardens          University Club          River East Art Center          The Rookery           Standard Club          Gallery 1028

Ravenswood Event Center          Stan Mansion            Ignite Glass Studios          Union Station          Sears Tower (Willis)          City View Loft

Loft on Lake          Salvage One          Saddle and Cycle Club          Galleria Marchetti          Harold Washington Library   Artifact Events       

Chicago Athletic Association            Morgan Manufacturing          Odyssey Chicago          Prairie Productions          Bridgeport Art Center        

RIver Roast            A New Leaf            Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum          Museum of Contemporary Art            Salvatore's

The Field Museum Carnivale            Nacional 27            Zed 451        MCA            Morgan Mfg.            Revel Motor Row

    Lacucna Artists Lofts            Museum of Broadcast             Venue 6/10            Art Institute of Chicago          Union League Club          

Listing the churches and hotels we’ve been in would be silly.

We do travel for destination weddings and have been to Mexico, England, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and all over the United States.