Our mission is to create a compelling story with the elements from your wedding day, we feel that ultimately people still respond to a great narrative.  We pride ourselves on getting to know people, when this happens we are on our way to making an emotional, effective film for you.

We have seen a change in the way people think about wedding video, and we can't help but feel like we helped usher in that movement. We are discovering that sometimes couples are thinking about finding a great wedding filmmaker before they book a photographer.  After all, video can tell a story of your day and who you are, in ways that photos may not be able to do.  The people at your wedding are speaking your narrative from the ceremony vows to the toasts at the reception. And along with the score, these are the elements that help make films come alive.  

We have been making documentary and narrative based films and videos in Chicago and worldwide for over 10 years.  Cutting our teeth in a non-wedding story driven environment allowed us to implement practices and artistic vision to the wedding films.  As we have learned and grown through the years we have continued to move forward with new techniques and methods.

Highway 61 Films is owned and operated by Jason D. Monroe