After several days and many watches of your (our!) beautiful little film, words continue to escape me. I'm not sure how to adequately thank you for so simply and stunningly capturing so many intimate moments from our day. I watch it with joyful, nostalgic tears, and with so much gratitude for you. As promised, our wedding day was a true blur. Somehow, your film simultaneously slows down that rush and overwhelm, and highlights our top priority from the start of the wedding planning process: getting to marry each other! Thank you to the stars for all of your work, creativity, skill, and for your gentle presence throughout our wedding day. We love this trailer, and look so forward to seeing more. 

July 2017

This is absolutely perfect. We cannot watch it without laughing and crying each time. We love how you put it together and the shots that you got are beautiful. We cannot wait to show our family and friends. It is so incredible to relive those moments through your work, we love that you made the vows the crux of the trailer. Thank you again and please thank the rest of your team for us as well. 

I especially love the camera moves you made through the curtain to reveal the room during the ceremony, the time lapse of the skyline, the camera spinning during our first dance and the shot of us holding hands with the wind blowing through Valerie's bouquet. Obviously we love all of it but those shots were very cool.

December 2016

Jason, we really loved the video - you made the moments of our wedding even more unforgettable so beautifully. I am also surprised that hearing my own voice does not make me cringe as it usually does ;) 

February 2017